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Union Chapel General Baptist Church is a member of the Portland Association of General Baptist Churches.  Visit their website at www.portlandassociation.com to find out more.  The General Association of General Baptists is the national organization of our denomination.  Visit www.generalbaptist.com for more information about our doctrine, statements of faith and the types of activities our denomination has currently under way.   

Browse below to see what type of people you'll meet at Union Chapel

...young married couples with very young chidren...

...young married couples with teenagers...

....couples with older children...

....grandparents just into retirement...

....to post retirement, acitve indidviduals.

Adult Sunday School Classes:

The Young adult Sunday School class involves biblical based lessons led by Hunter Hicks. Open discussion is encouraged.

This adult Sunday School class has grown quickly and now meets in the fellowship hall behind the church.

Class members learn from the experience of others as they discuss Scripture from the weekly lessons in this class.

A more senior adult Sunday School class meets in the Sanctuary.